SynHCF Rules


Staff member
Sep 14, 2019
  • Links to porn or graphic content are not permitted.
  • Don't spam random irrelevant content.
  • Any sort of Racial and/or Sexual slurs are not acceptable.
  • Do not harass anyone at all. This includes in private messages or posts.
  • Use common sense, staff have the final word.
  • Use the specified channels appropriately.
  • Do not send any sort of malicious links that could harm an individual.
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • Do not excessively tag staff members, give them privacy.
  • Do not Mini-Mod, staff know what there doing.
  • Respect others reputation and credibility, do not impersonate anyone.
Please report content that violates these guidelines by using the Report button found in the lower right corner of every post.


General Rules

  • If you have a banned account do not evade, this will lead to a blacklist.
  • Do not use X-ray, Radar or anything related.
  • Do not cheat in ANY way, this includes modifying your game, this also includes but is not limited to, autoclickers, macros, aimbot, mouse software.
  • Do not exploit any game breaking bugs, report them to a staff member immediately.
  • Do not excessively grief player bases, e.g cobble monsters, etc.
  • Do not lie to staff we take this seriously and if your caught lying you may be blacklisted if severe enough.
  • Do not associate with any cheaters or rule-breakers, doing this is basically encouraging it, if you think someone in your faction is cheating, report it to a staff member, do not let them freely cheat.
  • Do not dispute the bans of other players. They were banned for a reason, its at staff discretion what happens to them.
  • Do not excessively harass, follow, trap or stream snipe youtubers, partners, anybody with a high rank.
  • Do not use inappropriate usernames, faction names, etc.
  • Do not share accounts. We will NOT be responsible for accounts being hacked because of stupidity to share accounts.
  • Do not ban bait players, this means trying to force them into breaking a rule to get them banned or punished, this may lead to a blacklist if seen severe enough.
  • ANY sort of DDoS, Dox, Swat threat, joke will lead to an IMMEDIATE ban from all our services, if we catch you at any time we WILL ban you with no exceptions.
HCF Rules
  • Do not attempt any sort of glitching, this includes but is not limited to block glitching, pearl glitching, sign glitching.
  • Do not attempt to freeze your game to prevent death.
  • Do not keep players hostage anywhere for longer than 5 minutes.
  • Do not kick members from your faction to kill them. Also known as "KickandKill".
  • Do not join a faction to purposely leave and kill the player/faction or steal resources, we will punish severely depending on what happened.
  • Do not abuse pvp timer in anyway, this includes but is not limited to pvp timer trapping, etc.
  • Do not ally with other factions unless its enabled on that specific map.
  • Do not DTR Evade, e.g. kicking someone from your faction to not go raidable.
  • Do not inside, this means joining someones faction for the soul purpose of stealing their stuff or griefing their base.
  • Any kind of Account sharing is not allowed.
Chat Rules
  • Do not spam text, characters, unicode, ASCII, excessive caps, etc.
  • Toxicity is allowed, but to a certain extent we will mute you if you are using this as a way to harass someone.
  • Do not joke about suicide or self-harm.
  • Do not be racist or sexist, respect everyone's beliefs.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter.
  • Do not post links to screamers, shock sites, or sites containing pornographic or graphic content.
  • Do not post links advertising servers that aren't SynHCF.
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • Do not threaten to DDoS/DOX or engage in DDoS/DOX comedy.
  • Do not violate the privacy of others, this means don't attempt to ask for personal information, we are not responsible for people leaking their information on purpose.